GSM car alarm system

GSM car alarm system

Functions & Features
1  Free service charges
2  Audio Alarming by telephone & by siren
3  Automatically phone call the user in case of alarm
4  Vibration alarming, door opening alarming and power-off alarming
5   Emergency help alarming.
6  Arm/Disarm by telephone or by transmitters.
7  Automatically re-arm, silent arm
8  Using GSM networks to transmit signals, no limit of distance.
9  Complete self service without resorting to any third party
10  Easy to use. With friendly operation voice menu in different language.
11  Remote monitoring/broadcasting by telephone
12  Remote cutting off gas/power supply, thus stop the car from running
13  Lock/Unlock the car door by telephone or by transmitters
14  Remote engine/ air-conditioner start (Optional)
15  Transmitters with code-hopping technology, making it impossible to be decoded or copied.
16  Adjustable 8-scale vibration sensitivity. Enable/Disable vibration sensor by telephone
17  Free to set up password and modify alarming telephone
18  Available 2 preset alarming telephone numbers and 2 emergency alarming telephone numbers
19  Car position location(Need supports from your local GSM service providers)
20  Can be controlled by the SMS



Product Origin: Shenzhen of China
Model Number: A3
Brand Name: Jingxuntong

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Company Name: Shenzhen Ewattsun Technology Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Ms. Aimee Chen
Address: C40, Wutong Garden, Liuyue, Henggang town, Shenzhen city of China
Zip: 518173
Telephone: 86-755-28678836/86-755-28678896
Fax: 86-755- 28677893-801

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