GPRS tracking system

GPRS tracking system


1  Location function: You can track the position by GPS, and it will send the car's latitude, longitude, speed, direction and the height above sea level to the control centre.
Tracking function: When your car is stole or robed, the service centre will track the car which send out alarming by time or distance automatically.
Panic button function: If someone wants to rob your car, you can press the panic button, the car alarm system will send out alarming signal to the control centre automatically, until the centre answers.
Backup battery: If the car thief find the GPS terminal and pull it out or the car is destroyed and the power is cut off, but because of the backup battery, the system still can send out alarming to the centre.
Over speed alarming: When the car exceeds the limited maximum speed, the system will send out alarming.
Stop the engine by transmitter: When tracking the car, the centre can use the transmitter stop the car moving, the system has double insurances, and system failure will not cause accidental flameout.
Geo-fence function: Set the car's fence territory by GIS system software, it will alert if the object is over the fence territory, and there is a voice reminder. It is very convenient for the management of cars for the companies and enterprises.
Location memorization:This system adopts professional data-base storage way, save it by date, it can be saved forever. We can check the location history by location memorization; it can be showed by map.
Driving memorization: You can check the driving history of a period of time; the main information includes the car's number, alarming time, alarming location, the car's situation and so on.


Product Origin: Shenzhen of China
Model Number: GPRS
Brand Name: Jingxuntong

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