GPS tracking system

Model: GPS-C(GPS tracking system)


 1 Audio alarming

2 GPS location function and GSM base code location function.
3 Vibration alarming, door opening alarming, power-off alarming and emergency

help alarming
4 Taking advantage of cell phone network to tackle any problems.
5 Any one telephone can tell the real-time car conditions;.
6 Easy to operate. User can operate according to the audio instruction without having to memorize any control orders;
7 Remote listen in and speak in the car, cut off gas/power supply, arm and disarm.
8 Lock/unlock the car door by telephone or by transmitter.
9 Enabling user to remote monitor, to call, to cut off power and gas supply, to set up

defense and to remove defense;
10 Adopt the latest code-hopping technology, it is impossible to be copied or decoded.
11Remote control adjusting 8-scale vibration sensitivity. They are either of alarming

working model or mute working model.
12 Free to set up password and modify alarming telephone numbers
13 Available two groups of common alarming telephone numbers and 2 emergency alarming telephone numbers.
14 When there is alarming, the system will call the user, and it will send SMS of car

location and situation to the user.
15 Automatic door closing upon braking and light warning upon getting off the car.

16 Make phone calls to anybody by a keypad(model C’s option), it is hand free, and it is hand free of microphone and earphone.

17 Start the engine/air-conditioner by telephone or by transmitter(optional).


Product Origin: shenzhen of China
Model Number: GPS-C
Brand Name: Jingxuntong

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