Car rental management system

Car rental management system

Functions & Features

1 IC card & wireless RF technology are adopted to manage and protect the group rental cars effectively.
  2 The rental time could be easily written into the IC card by using the management software & IC card publisher, the rental time can be counted by days or by months.
  3 When the valid rental time is going to be over, the system will broadcast the voice to remind the renter of recharge.
  4 After the valid rental time is over, the system will cut off the engine automatically, and broadcast the voice to remind the renter of recharge.
  5 Different group vehicles can be programmed with different ID.
  6 If the system is destroyed illegally by force, the engine will be cut off, the car can't be started. For example, when the car is parked, if user removes the device, or if there is a function failure of the device, the wireless immobilizer will immediately cut off the car/fuel power and disable the car. This wireless immobilizer has no connection with the main unit of the device, it is mounted at a very secret place, protecting the car very safely.
  7 There is an emergency button, renter can press it to extend a short rental period in case of emergency.
  8 Anti-tamper design with backup battery & small size.


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Brand Name: Jingxuntong

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